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Sketch of Grand Canal, Venice (own work)

I need a brand.

Too recently, I wouldn’t give up my flip phone.  Now, as I surpass 60 Instagram followers, I must accept the responsibilities of fame.  I will sharpen my message and speak with purpose. 

“What kind of architecture do you like?”

As a […]


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“Do architects have to think about color?” I was recently asked.  “Or is that just for interior designers?”  The short answer is, “Yeah.”  Here’s a much longer one… 

Most people live in places with awful weather. 

By “awful” I mean temperate, stable climates […]

Dystopia: The Commodification of Solace

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This one is for the introverts.

The year is 2050 (give or take); humanity’s gravitation to urban centers reaches its peak.  The sheer density of cities tests our limits as “social animals”, and we starve for solitude.

A typical citizen rises at dawn in their trendy micro-apartment: 200 square feet, artfully configured to sleep three, with collapsible furniture and partitions.  A […]

Ordered Chaos

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Beauty is felt, before it is understood.

While making something beautiful, we discover patterns that resonate.  An artist will sometimes find common threads linking mathematics, natural forces, and our own mythology.  Philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists of every field […]

Nature and Artifact

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“Biomimicry” is designing after nature; imitating its patterns and systems.  Isn’t this a strange concept?  By “mimicking” nature, we admit our deep-rooted feeling of otherness.  Though technically animals, we now self-consciously regulate our behavior to minimize our impact.  In a planet defined by constant change, we lament how our our industry contributes to global warming – while a volcano is a blameless […]

A Skyline Through History

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By Samuel Gottscho, 1931 Source

The silhouette of Manhattan is unmistakable.  It is symbolic of this city and its values to people worldwide: aspiration, wealth, struggle, diversity, sophistication, and a distinct feeling of ordered chaos. The Art Deco towers of the 1930s defined a new vision of urbanity.  They broke boundaries […]