Shore House 1 2018-04-04T11:07:52-10:00


After studying Shingle Style homes, I sketched a beach house concept to apply its principles.  Developed in the late 19th century by architects such as HH Richardson, Shingle Style was a distinctly American version of Queen Anne.  The curves and picturesque massing remained, and were emphasized by restraint of detail and color.  Shingle cladding is well suited to wrapping curves, and ornament was drawn from the Shaker and early colonial period. 

The flared eaves and roof parapets of this concept set a precedent for future Shore House designs.  They strengthen the horizontal rhythm of the shingles, and visually reduce the building’s height.  The massive central hearth is another recurring element.  In this house, it extents like the prow of a ship and anchors the building’s mass.  I crammed a lot of ideas into this house, and it grew out of control.  The two-story sunroom, wrapping the northeast corner, is most likely inspired by the distinctive home of an architect at the end of Circle Beach Road.