Christopher Fagan Studio Architecture, PLLC is a collaborative architecture practice based in New York City, working throughout the United States.  We manage a team of skilled design professionals to find the best solution for your project, including specialists in green design, accessibility and aging-in-place, urban planning, and traditional buildings.

Architecture is a conversation.

Whether creating a private home, civic library, or town plan, design begins and ends with our client.  With each project, we learn the most from those we work on behalf of: families, private developers, and the public.  We love architecture because it is a human endeavor; everyone participates in it.

When tackling modern challenges, we first look to solutions with timeless value.  There is great wisdom in what was built before modern technology; each culture around the world has discovered forms and materials to suit their unique context.  Over time, such practical elements took on symbolic value, and the practice of building became art.  We strive to respect the human scale and local identity in our work.

The character of our environment affects us profoundly.  Like music, everyone knows good architecture.  It makes us feel important, and reminds us of things greater than ourselves.  Spaces form us.

Christopher Fagan, AIA, LEED AP

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Principal Architect Christopher Fagan, AIA, LEED AP
New York, New York
University of Notre Dame School of Architecture
Christopher Fagan is a registered Architect with NCARB certification and current licenses in New York, Illinois, and Michigan. He is also a LEED Accredited Professional in Building Design and Construction.

Christopher got his start constructing affordable homes for volunteer organizations. He carries that same dedication to service through his professional work, in each project and through his association with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Institute for Classical Architecture and Art (ICAA). Christopher helps clients realize projects of exemplary quality and sustainability, and helps to mentor the next generation of architects as Chair of AIA Queens Emerging Professionals Committee.