Over the years, I’ve had a running design for a beach house.  Elements of the Shingle Style and Streamline Deco are always included; they’re associated with oceanfront communities, and Deco especially has a nautical character.  Iconic precedents are the Shingle mansions of Newport, Rhode Island, and Miami’s Art Deco districts.  The ideal house is compact and low-slung, with weathered cedar shingles and curves harmonizing with the oceanfront landscape.  Its silhouette evokes a rock outcropping smoothed by the elements. 

This time, I focused on the site’s microclimate.  The traditional house was planned and constructed to be useful in all seasons, through good design rather than wasted energy.  Designing on an actual lot in New England, I situated the building and its outdoor spaces to block winds and admit sunlight in winter, provide shade and natural ventilation in summer, and have comfortable separation of private and entertaining spaces.  The resulting house, at 2,200 square feet, has 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ bathrooms, and generous outdoor terraces.

LINK to Design Sketches