Along with my studio, I documented an underdeveloped area of Rome’s vibrant Trastevere neighborhood.  We sought to improve the area in keeping with its dense, lively surroundings.  We added mixed-use residential blocks based on the early 20th century development of Rome’s Testaccio neighborhood.  Our strategy was to preserve the existing development and infill with buildings that harmonize with the neighborhood and provide for the needs of its residents.  This approach is humbler than complete tabula rasa redevelopment, but in the long run, far more effective.

Individually, I designed an apartment block and arcades to define Piazza Mastai, adjoining Viale Trastevere.  By containing its open end and providing a covered arcade, the plaza is shielded from heavy traffic and becomes more attractive to pedestrians and vendors.  The building is constructed in the traditional Roman style, with masonry bearing walls and timber framing.

LINK to Design Sketches